Seminar Economic Recovery and Generation of Job and Income post-pandem

Seminário 18 de Maio de 2022 às 09:00 Sem transmissão
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Seminar Economic Recovery and Generation of Job and Income post-pandem

Seminário 18 de Maio de 2022 às 09:00 Sem transmissão

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56th Legislature - 4th Ordinary Legislative Session
International Seminar

The International Seminar will discuss economic recovery and the generation of employment and income in the post-pandemic period.
The CEDES study "Economic recovery and the generation of employment and income in the post-pandemic period" under the command of the rapporteurs, Deputy Da Vitória (PP/ES) and Deputy Francisco Jr. (PSD/GO), its main objective is to define the role of the State, the private sector and civil society organizations in the strategies and policies of economic recovery and job and income generation in the post-pandemic period.
CEDES approved this study due to the need to achieve a better dialogue and the definition of the actions of the three independent branches of the Brazilian federal government, executive, legislative and judicial. There is also the need to update the legislation in this sense, and in the most diverse areas. Not only the changes so that the health authorities can improve the implementation of public health measures, but the clear definition and strengthening of the instruments and actions of each entity in the economic recovery, and of civil society itself, which must take decisive action in a state organization that should protect less and stimulate more. In the current scenario of considerable difficulties in tax raising, there are concerns about how to finance the urgent restructuring which will led to a new development of the country and also about how to maintain all the current infrastructure and the demands for public services.
In this study, activities focusing on 5 main topics are being developed:
a. The. Initial socioeconomic contextualization, presentation of the context of the country's labor market, population, unemployment, informal workers, etc.
b. Policy Evaluation: analysis of Brazilian policies undertaken in the pandemic in the light of international experiences, for an in-depth understanding of how existing public policies can help in the recovery and generation of employment and income on a sustainable and inclusive basis.
c. Importance of sectors: study of the potential of industry, specialized services and agriculture in the context of global transformations: technological changes associated with Industry 4.0 and the decarbonisation of economies; reconfiguration of global value chains and international trade, with increased local production of goods and local supply of strategic services for economic recovery in several economies; greater use of policies to induce growth, scale, employment and income through the use of existing activities towards increased added value, innovation and technological growth, with increase of productive chains between agriculture, industry and services to make the economy more advanced and complex. Verification of the state of associativism and cooperativism in agriculture.
d. Exchange rate and macroeconomics: the examination of the stability of the exchange rate and other macroeconomic variables, for the creation of favorable conditions for sustained growth and structural changes in the Brazilian economy.
e. and. Financing: to investigate credit expansion for the recovery of economic activities, especially for micro and small companies and for the most affected sectors and the most promising activities for recovery, through the best economic policy arrangements with free and targeted credit and with action through synergies between the private sector and the public sector.
Thus, an intense and in-depth debate with society, public power and private initiative is needed urgently in order to reflect and implement a technical and legal framework that establishes the structural reorganization necessary for the sustainable economic recovery of the entire country, with transparency and accuracy in the roles to be assumed by each of the entities of the Republic.
With the seminar, we hope to contribute to the potentialization of this debate on the legislative agenda. On this occasion, we will also have the opportunity to listen to authorities, entrepreneurs, academics and experts involved with the topic.

DATE: 18 May 2022 (Wednesday)
TIME: 9h00 to 18h00
LOCATION: Auditorium Nereu Ramos - Chamber o Deputies - Brasília - Brazil (in presence) and E-democracia (online)

In person or online, we can´t wait to see you!!!!

Contact: - +5561 984682098 +5561 3215-8627

Organization: Center for Strategic Studies and Debates - CEDES and Legislative Consulting - CONLE


9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
- Deputy Arthur Lira - President of the Chamber of Deputies
- Deputy Marcelo Ramos - 1º Vice- President of the Chamber of Deputies
- Deputy Francisco Jr. - Member of the Center for Strategic Studies and Debates and Rapporteur of the Economic Recovery Study - Chamber of Deputies
- César Moura - Secretary of State of the Recovery representing Ronaldo Caiado, Governor of the State of Goiás
- Maria Emanuela Alves Pedroso - Secretary of State of the Economic and Planning Department representing Renato Casagrande, the Governor of the State of Espírito Santo
- Deputy André Fufuca- Leader of the Progressive Party- Chamber of Deputies
- Geraldo Leite - Executive Secretary of CEDES e Director of Legislative Consulting of the Chamber of Deputies

Panel 1 - Possibilities for economic development in the post-pandemic
Moderator Deputy Francisco Jr.
10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

- Richard Kozul-Wright - Director of the Division for Globalization and Development Strategies at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
- Antonio Andreoni - Head of Research at University College London
- Carlos Mussi - Director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean(ECLAC) in Brazil
- Alfredo Saad-Filho - Professor of Political Economy and International Development at King'sCollege London

Panel 2 - Economic policies and investment in post-pandemic recovery
Moderator Deputy Angela Amin
1:00 PM TO 3:00 PM

- Luiz de Mello - Director of the Policy Studies Branch of the Economics Department of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - OECD
- Matías Vernengo - Professor of Economics of Bucknell University, Pennsylvania
- Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg Mollo - Professor of the Economic Department of Brasilia University

Panel 3 - Productive development, recovery, innovation and global governance in a changing world
Moderator Deputy Átila Lira
3:30 PM TO 5:30 PM

- Jayati Ghosh - Professor of Economics of Massachusetts University
- Nelson Barbosa - Professor at the School of Economics at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and the University of Brasília
- André Roncaglia de Carvalho - Professor of the São Paulo Federal University (Unifesp)

5:30 PM TO 6:00 PM
- Deputy Da Vitória - President of CEDES and Rapporteur of the study Economic Recovery
- Deputy Francisco Júnior - Member of CEDES and Rapporteur of the study EconomicRecovery


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